The Ultimate Guide to All Things Scrapple

Some people simply don’t understand the wonder that is scrapple. To those people, we’re sincerely sorry. Whether it’s doused in maple syrup or eaten alone, we’re big fans. To all you fellow scrapple fans—welcome home. We’re very glad you’re here.

Apple-Scrapple Festival

This annual two-day event brings together scrapple lovers from throughout the northeast. Complete with live music, rides and scrapple sandwiches, we can see why nearly 40,000 people attend the event. 

Toppin’ It Off

Any true scrapple enthusiast has their go-to condiment. From gravy to grape jelly, the options are endless.

Tastes Like Home

Scrapple is a very regional dish, predominantly eaten in the northeast. If you’re from the area, chances are good that your childhood memories include scrapple.

The Evolution of Scrapple