Use RAPA Products in Your Favorite Recipes

We love eating scrapple on its own—fried to perfection with a crispy exterior and soft center. But when we’re in the mood to switch it up a bit, we turn to these scrapple recipes.



Biscuits and Scrapple Gravy

Savory scrapple is the perfect alternative to pork sausage in this twist on a classic southern breakfast recipe. Get the recipe.

Apple Scrapple Waffles

Scrapple cooked in a waffle iron topped with an inventive cabbage and apple topping earned this dish a prize in our annual scrapple recipe contest. Get the recipe.

Scrapple Breakfast Burrito

Spice up your morning with a southwestern twist! This breakfast burrito is stuffed with eggs, scrapple, salsa and cheese. Get the recipe.

Black Bean & Chipotle Scrapple Wraps

Whether it's time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this Tex-Mex inspired wrap is sure to satisfy. Get the recipe.

Scrapple Breakfast Pizza

This fully loaded breakfast pizza is topped with scrapple, maple syrup, smoked cheddar and eggs. Get the recipe.

Apple Scrapple Pies

Sweet, savory and oh so delicious, this third place winner in our annual scrapple recipe contest is a unique, crowd-pleasing dessert. Get the recipe.

Scrapple and Egg White Muffins

Low in carbs but high in flavor, these protein-filled, savory muffins pack a satisfying punch. Get the recipe.

Scrapple Dotties

It doesn’t get easier than this appetizer recipe. Rolled in bacon and secured with a toothpick, these scrapple morsels are perfect for game day. Get the recipe.

Apple Scrapple Hash

The ideal synergy between sweet and savory make this scrapple recipe perfect for any time of day—morning, noon or night. Get the recipe.

Chipotle Scrapple Manicotti

This is not your momma's manicotti. Chile chipotle scrapple, spinach and kale pack a punch the whole family will enjoy. Get the recipe.

Scrapple Cornbread Stuffing

This cornbread stuffing will add a southern-flare to any table. Fresh apples and dried cranberries pair wonderfully with savory scrapple. Get the recipe.

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